About Mind Insurance Academy

Our learning and knowledge centre offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to learn real science and how to effectively apply it for sustainable change and greater performance.

We are proudly non-accredited and non-affiliated. A certificate of completion is available to anyone who wants one after they have finished, however we focus on the highest quality content, an outstanding learning experience and dedicated 'human' learner support.

Applied Emotional Intelligence is the first learning path that we have released in our Academy, with Applied Positive Coaching going live in the first half of 2020.

Lifetime Access

Our learning paths are designed to take approximately 12 months for a learner who can dedicate approximately 10 hours per week to their learning. It is self paced, however we encourage you to focus on applying your learning as you go, rather than rushing through the modules and courses.

You will have access to the content in your learning path for 18 months from registration. You then have the option to continue to have full access to all of your learning paths with our lifetime access subscription of $10(AUD) per month. One Lifetime subscription covers all of the learning paths you register for. You will get every update we make to the content, reference materials, new papers and additional courses and modules we develop for each learning path as the science evolves.

Our team will contact you before the end of your 18 month period but if you have any questions in regards to obtaining lifetime access or any questions about the Mind Insurance Academy in general, please contact us at contact@mindinsurance.com.au